2020 REU Final Presentations

Session one — Wednesday, July 29

Name Faculty Advisor Presentation
Christian Bernard Alarcon Pepe Contreras-Vidal Creative Brain in Pediatric Populations: Segmenting Electroencephalography (EEG) Data for Real-world Use.
Devika Dileep Pepe Contreras-Vidal The Nahual Project: BCI-AI Driven Interactive Art
Kameron Moore Pepe Contreras-Vidal Machine Learning Optimization to Classify Movement Intention
Edgar Guzman Pepe Contreras-Vidal Brain-Controlled Upper-Limb-Assisted Rehabilitation devise for stroke survivors
Jocelyn Ramos Aaron Becker Stimulation Pipeline of Milli-scale Magnetic Robots for Blood Clog Removal
Joyce Lai Aaron Becker Development of Computational Fluid Dynamic Force for a Rotational Magnetic Swimmer Able to Remove Blot Clogs
Nina Dorfner Charles Layne Sway Density Analysis of Balance Loss with Passive Orthoses


Session Two — Wednesday, July 29

Name Faculty Advisor Presentation
Mikayla Fors Pepe Contreras-Vidal Implementing State Space Grids to Enhance Annotation Data
Julia Kan Pepe Contreras-Vidal Brain On Acting: Collection and Analysis of EEG Data on a Real- Time Acting Performance
Paras Gupta Pepe Contreras-Vidal Changes in Functional Connectivity During BMI Training with a Walking Exoskeleton
Adriana Lopez Cajigas Pepe Contreras-Vidal Talking About Neurotechnology to children: A Comic Book
Rebecca Clements David Mayerich Toward 3D Brain Vasculature Visualization Using OpenGL
Maggie Wang David Mayerich Creating and Interface between Unreal Engine (UE4) and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK)


Session Three — Thursday, July 30

Name Faculty Advisor Presentation
Isaac John Charles Layne Electromyography Analysis of Balance Loss with Passive Orthoses
Maryam Tahir Rose Faghih Investigating Effects Og Music of Performance During a Working Memory Task
Tristan Bennett Jeff Feng Establishing a Relationship between VOMS Performance and Changes in EEG Signatures for a Rapid Assessment Diagnosis of Concussions
Allie Bowman Luca Pollonini Assessing the Correlation between Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Cortical Activation During a Working Memory Task
Natalia Vallenilla Luca Pollonini Investigating the Hemodynamic Response function from Pain Stimulus with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Mira Mutnick Pranav Parikh Functional Brain Connectivity for Balance Control in Stroke
Grace McClurg Pranav Parikh The Complexity of Force Output Following Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Primary Motor Cortex